Forming partnerships for the next generation

We’re excited to be teaming up with a leading Brazilian youth organisation, Nuffield, to achieve our goals. Together we aim to develop relationships with young leaders and empower them to act in the face of a rapidly changing future.

About Nuffield International Farming Scholars

Nuffield International Farming Scholars program promotes, develops, and inspires leaders in agriculture. Nuffield Scholars are producers and agri-professionals between 25 and 45 years of age who travel globally to explore issues and opportunities in agriculture. With a network of more than 1.700 Nuffield Scholars around the world, participants are able to grow personally and professionally through experiential travel and investigation of contemporary issues in agriculture. Components of a Nuffield scholarship include participating in the program’s annual conference, small group travel, and individual excursions to over 10 countries. For more information, go to and

How can your organization support the Youth Ag Summit?

We are keen to expand this network further through a range of cross-sector partnerships. Partnership options range from co-organization of the Summit itself, to supporting selected elements within the program, such as skill building workshops for delegates. If you are interested in learning more about the different opportunities available, please contact or take a look at the partnership brochure for more information.