Welcome to The AgVocate – the podcast that advocates for Ag, through the voices of an ever-growing community.

The AgVocate – Episode 1:

How Madagascar taught me to love – Daniel Kasprowicz

In the first episode we hear the story of Daniel Kasprowicz, a young man helping save a generation in rural Madagascar. Daniel traded the safety and security of life in Europe to join the fight against infant malnutrition in the central mountain region of this impoverished country. The nutritionist and clinical dietitian from Poland now saves lives on a daily basis, bringing children back from the brink of starvation.

The AgVocate – Episode 2:

Training the Change Makers of Tomorrow – Kelly Hodgins

In this episode we hear the story of Kelly Hodgins, a tertiary educator who is finding and training the change makers of tomorrow. Kelly has been instrumental in establishing a course that teaches students from across a broad range of disciplines about food security and sustainability. Her teaching methods involve partnering businesses with food producers to look for efficiencies along the food chain. By solving real-world problems, Kelly’s students learn firsthand what it takes to feed a hungry planet.

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The AgVocate – Episode 3:

Soil is not a Dirty Word - Sam Coggins

In this episode we hear the story of Sam Coggins, a young man with a passion for soil and the farmers that rely on its protection. Sam works with small holder farmers in the Asia-Pacific region, transferring knowledge of sustainable soil management to communities big and small. Soil security underpins food security, and through his collaborations Sam is doing his part in feeding a hungry planet.

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The AgVocate – Episode 4:

The Evergrowing Awareness of Louise Fresco

In this episode we hear from Louise Fresco, Executive Board President of Wageningen University & Research and trailblazer for feeding a hungry planet. From the remote jungles of Papua New Guinea to decision-making bodies of the UN, Louise has accumulated a long list of achievements over a career spanning more than 40 years. But the ambition behind these achievements has never been for prestige or money. Instead, what drives Louise is a need to understand the hardships of people around the world, the reasons why they suffer, and the ways in which that suffering can be stopped. In her words, it is a lifelong search for awareness.

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The AgVocate – Episode 5:

The Path to Empowerment - Risper Wanja Njagi & Jesus Madrazo

In this episode we hear the story of Risper Wanja Njagi, a young Kenyan leading a new generation of AgVocates in the country that she loves. Risper is a founding member of AGRIKUA, an innovative project to educate and empower young women to pursue a career in agriculture. Risper is passionate about fostering leadership and creating role models in smallholder farming communities all across the developing world. We also hear from Jesus Madrazo, Head of Agricultural Affairs and Sustainability at Bayer Crop Science, who speaks to the way industry leaders support the development of young women in agriculture and the pivotal role they will play in feeding a hungry planet.

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In future episodes, you’ll hear how our young agvocates are connecting food security, innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as stepping up to the plate to ensure there’s enough food to go around in the years ahead. If you have a great idea for what topics we should cover in the podcast – or if you want to be featured in a future episode – then get in touch with us @YouthAgSummit. In the meantime, have a listen, let us know if you like it, and spread the word!