Anyone can shape this world for the better, in ways both big and small.

Will you commit to shaping the world for the better? Everyone has the potential to shape their own path to Zero Hunger, and it can start with committing to the smallest of actions.

Join us and plant your path toward feeding a hungry planet by pledging to do ‘Three Little Things’. Being more conscious as a consumer? Highlighting the importance of agriculture on social media? Growing your own food at home? It all counts toward making a difference, starting today.

Get started by picking an image below! Then share it with your three pledges on social media, using the hashtag #3LittleThings. Don’t forget to tag @youthagsummit in your post so we see it – we’ll share our favorites! Even better: involve other people by tagging them to ask what their commitment will be!




To share on Instagram please download the image you want.