Building on a legacy of success

Since its inception, the Youth Ag Summit has had a concrete impact in shaping the next generation of sustainable agriculture champions. Our impact goes beyond the Summits themselves; we strive to foster and support a network of ‘agvocates’ who are active on an ongoing basis in tackling food security challenges.

  • We have hosted Summits on almost every continent: from Canada and Australia, to Belgium and now, Brazil.
  • A total of 300 delegates from almost 50 different countries have taken part in the Youth Ag Summit program to date; with each individual pledging to take action on food security back home.
  • We ask each delegate to develop ‘3 Little Things’: three action points which help to address food insecurity and create positive change in their own communities.
  • At the most recent Youth Ag Summit, three groups of 10 delegates were selected to receive future funding from Bayer for their group projects. These will deliver concrete action on food security in relation to the SDGs.
  • Delegates also commit to “The Youth Ag Pledge”: a promise to advocate for modern agriculture and to create awareness of the challenges and solutions to feeding a hungry planet.

The momentum from the Summits continues to drive action from our agvocates. Youth Ag Summit alumni have spoken at a range of global events, from the UN Committee on Food Security in Rome and the EAT Stockholm Food Forum, to the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture and the European Development Days – to name just a few.

Delegates from the 2015 Youth Ag Summit present the Canberra Youth Ag Declaration at the United Nations Committee on Food Security (CFS) in Rome.
At the 2018 EAT Stockholm conference, Bayer Jeff Schell scholar Connor Kiselchuk spoke alongside Youth Ag Summit alumni Shafinaz Hossain, Maurizio Chiurazzi and Katelyn Mann, in a conversation moderated by Bayer’s Adrian Percy (left to right).
2017 Youth Ag Summit alumni Cameron Olson and Kamau Lindhardt participate in a training workshop at the 2nd World Farmers’ Organization Gymnasium.
Kamau Lindhardt represented the Youth Ag Summit community at the 2018 Global Forum for Food and Agriculture.
Youth Ag Summit alumni Sophie Healy-Thow, Cassandra Hayward and Juan Pablo Casadiego discuss their project, AGRIKUA, at European Development Days 2018.
Beverly Flatt, a first-generation cattle farmer, Youth Ag Summit alumna, and content creation manager for Bayer Animal Health, spoke about the future of farming at the 2018 European Youth Days, held at the European Parliament in Strasbourg.