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In August 2013, 118 passionate young leaders (aged 18-25) from 24 countries around the world met in Calgary, Alberta, Canada to take part in the inaugural Youth Ag-Summit, designed to tackle the challenge of feeding a hungry planet. The goal was to share perspectives and create an open dialogue on how the global agricultural community will meet the task of nourishing an estimated world population of nine billion by the year 2050.

However, an impressive week of presentations, tours, debates, and collaboration has achieved much more. The international event has led to over 350 personal, localized actions currently being implemented by the attending delegates and their mentors. A newly founded Youth Ag-Summit Committee continues to advance the overall group’s vision: to Increase sustainable access to nutrient-dense food for women and children world-wide, to alleviate global hunger. And the appetite for future Summits is strong.

But the conversation doesn’t end here. Add your local perspective on agricultural challenges and solutions to feeding a growing world population: Facebook, Twitter.

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